How Fast can You Click the Spacebar

We use the spacebar countless times every day without giving it much thought. We use it to create spaces between words and sentences, to pause a video or audio clip, and to play games. But have you ever wondered how fast you can click the spacebar? This article will explore the speed at which you can click the spacebar and the factors that can impact it.

What is the spacebar?

The spacebar is a key on the computer keyboard that creates a space between words or sentences. It is a long, rectangular key located at the bottom center of the keyboard. It is easily accessible with the thumbs, making it a popular key for quick typing.

How fast can you click the spacebar?

The speed at which you can click the spacebar depends on a few factors, such as the type of keyboard you are using and your typing skills. On average, a person can click the spacebar about five times per second, which translates to 300 times per minute.

However, some people can click the spacebar faster than others. Professional typists, for example, can click the spacebar up to ten times per second, which translates to 600 times per minute. This is because they have honed their typing skills over time and have trained their fingers to move quickly and efficiently across the keyboard.

How to Measure Your Spacebar Clicking Speed

Now that you know a bit more about the history of typing speed competitions, let’s get back to the topic at hand: clicking the spacebar. If you’re curious about how fast you can click the spacebar, there are a few different ways you can measure your speed.

One of the simplest ways to measure your spacebar clicking speed is to use an online spacebar clicking test. There are many different websites that offer these tests, and they’re usually very easy to use. All you have to do is click the spacebar as many times as you can in a set amount of time (usually 10 seconds), and the website will calculate your clicks per second (CPS) or clicks per minute (CPM).

Another way to measure your spacebar clicking speed is to use a hardware tool like a digital click counter. These devices are designed to count the number of times you press a button, so they’re perfect for measuring your spacebar clicking speed. Simply attach the click counter to your keyboard, start clicking the spacebar, and let the device do the counting for you.

Factors that can impact your spacebar clicking speed

1. Keyboard type

The type of keyboard you are using can impact your spacebar clicking speed. There are two main types of keyboards: mechanical and membrane.

Mechanical keyboards have individual mechanical switches under each key, which gives them a tactile and audible feedback when pressed. This allows for faster and more accurate typing, including faster spacebar clicking.

On the other hand, membrane keyboards use a rubber dome under the keys, which requires more force to press and can slow down your typing speed, including spacebar clicking.

2. Typing skills

Your typing skills can also impact your spacebar clicking speed. If you are not a proficient typist, your overall typing speed and accuracy will be slower, including your spacebar clicking speed.

However, if you practice typing regularly and work on improving your speed and accuracy, you can increase your spacebar clicking speed over time.

Finger strength and dexterity

The strength and dexterity of your fingers can also impact your spacebar clicking speed. If your fingers are weak or stiff, you may not be able to click the spacebar as quickly as someone with stronger, more flexible fingers.

Regular hand exercises and stretches can help improve your finger strength and dexterity, which can lead to faster spacebar clicking speed.


Age can also be a factor that impacts your spacebar clicking speed. As we get older, our reflexes and dexterity may decline, which can slow down our typing speed, including spacebar clicking.

However, regular practice and exercise can help maintain and improve our hand-eye coordination and typing skills, including spacebar clicking speed, regardless of age.

Do you hit spacebar with thumb?

It is certainly possible to hit the spacebar with your thumb, although it may not be the most comfortable or efficient method depending on the size and position of your keyboard. In general, using any finger other than your index, middle, or ring finger can lead to discomfort and strain if used for long periods of time.

For someone who does a lot of typing, like a professional typist or writer, their body will develop muscle memory that is tailored to their specific typing style and mechanics. As such some typists prefer to use their thumbs while others forego it completely in favor of only index-finger spacebar usage. That said many people who use keyboards regularly find it more comfortable (and sometimes faster) to use their thumbs instead of one finger for hitting the space bar.

How many times do I hit the spacebar to indent?

it depends on the coding language you are using and the text editor you are using. Generally speaking, indentation in code is used to either indicate a new level of scope or to indicate structure within a program. Most languages recommend an indent of 4 spaces or one tab (equivalent to 8 spaces) but it can vary depending on your language and style guide. Some editors like Visual Studio Code allow you to configure the amount of tabs/spaces used when indenting, while some others like Sublime Text have hardcoded settings that cannot be changed by users.