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The Spacebar CPS Test is a simple game to estimate your total number of spacebar button presses while utilizing the 1-second timer. The main aim is to assess your clicking speed and improve it, by practicing various clicking techniques. Users enjoy breaking previous records set by other gamers by using this space bar cps tester to reach the best clicking score.

spacebar cps test

The CPS test is a short way of saying “Clicks Per Second” in this situation. Instead of the full term, it’s easy to say “CPS.” The number of clicks divided by the number of seconds is the calculation for this metric. In other words, it’s a factor that converts an amount of clicks into a period (second).

Every tool is designed with some fantastic features. This cps test also has several great features. In addition, these features allow you to understand this tool’s working more efficiently. So, give a view to these fantastic features and start playing the spacebar cps test game.


It’s usually determined by dividing the total number of clicks by the total amount of time. It is determined by the users, with one second, five seconds, ten seconds, or fifteen seconds as a test interval.


Spacebar CPS Counter is another name for the spacebar cps. However, it is a gadget that may be used to calculate how many times the spacebar button has been clicked in a specific time period. For example, if someone wants to evaluate his or her click speed in ten seconds, this counter can assist with counting how many times the spacebar button was pressed in ten seconds.


To start using our online cps test of space bar and knowing your Test Score, all you need is to;

  • Go to the top of this page.
  • There you’ll find a button there containing the text written “START”.
  • Click that button with mouse or keypad to start the test. Then start pressing spacebar as fast as you can.
  • Upon your first click, your Spacebar CPS Testing will be started.
  • By default Timer is set to 1 second which means you are testing Cps clicks speed test over the 1 second time duration.
  • After 1 second timer will be stopped automatically.
  • Finally, you will get result of your Spacebar Cps Click Counter Test.


What is the average spacebar cps test score?

The average SPACEBAR CPS of a human is about 6 to 8 times. It’s dependent on the individual’s focus and resolve. Some people have flatter muscles than others; therefore it may assist them in obtaining a better average cps.

What is the fastest spacebar cps test score?

The fastest CPS in ten seconds is 14 clicks per second. This means that 140 clicks were done in 10 seconds.

What is the highest space CPS Score?

In other words, the highest spacebar cps scores vary depending on the length of time used. If you use a second as time duration, the highest CPS score can range from 18 to 22 clicks in one second – since shorter durations are more result-oriented than longer times.

How to Increase your Space Bar CPS Speed Test?

  • Keep yourself calm.
  • Don’t squeeze your fists tightly.
  • Never stretched tight your body and muscles.
  • A claw grip should be gentle, not a death grip.
  • Practice different ways of doing things with different timeframes to keep your attention focused.
  • Avoid as much distraction as possible while practicing so that you can stay focused.

How many clicks per second in spacebar?

It all depends on the individual doing the task. However, most individuals can complete between eight and ten clicks per second on average.

How fast can you hit the spacebar?

A typical person can perform 8 to 10 clicks per second. If some people are able to execute more than that in one second, it is considered fast clicking.

How many clicks in 1 second?

It is, however, influenced by a specific individual. To complete this work, most individuals can accomplish between 8 and 10 clicks every second.

What is the world record for most spacebar clicks in 1 second?

The world record for most spacebar clicks in 1 second is 17 clicks using the 1 second timer. This is really fast clicking speed. Can you beat that record?