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Jitter clicking is a technique used by gamers to click their mouse at an incredibly high speed. It has become increasingly popular in the gaming community, especially in games that require rapid clicking such as Minecraft PvP. Jitter clicking can be a challenging skill to master, but it can give gamers an advantage in competitive play. In this article, we will explore what a good jitter click speed is and how to achieve it.

What is Jitter Click?

Jitter clicking is a technique that involves rapidly clicking a mouse button using the muscles in your hand and arm. It is different from regular clicking because the motion is more of a vibration or shaking movement. Jitter clicking can be achieved by using a specific grip on your mouse and tensing your hand and arm muscles to create a rapid clicking motion.

Importance of Jitter Click in Gaming

In games like Minecraft PvP, jitter-clicking is an essential skill that can give players an advantage in combat. It allows players to click faster and more efficiently, which can result in faster attacks and better accuracy. Jitter clicking can also be used in other games that require rapid clickings, such as first-person shooter or clicker games.

What is Jitter Click Speed?

Jitter click speed is the rate at which a player can click their mouse button while jitter clicking. It is measured in clicks per second (CPS). A good jitter click speed is generally considered to be around 8-14 CPS. However, some professional gamers have achieved speeds of over 20 CPS.

Factors Affecting Jitter Click Speed

Several factors can affect a player’s jitter click speed, including age, hand size, grip strength, and finger dexterity.


Younger players tend to have faster reflexes and better hand-eye coordination, which can give them an advantage when it comes to jitter-clicking. However, older players can still improve their jitter click speed through practice and consistency.

Hand Size

Hand size can also play a role in a player’s jitter click speed. Players with larger hands may find it easier to grip their mouse and create a faster-clicking motion. However, players with smaller hands can still achieve a good jitter click speed by using the right grip and technique.

Grip Strength

Grip strength is essential for jitter clicking because it allows players to maintain a steady grip on their mouse while clicking rapidly. Players with weaker grip strength may struggle to maintain a consistent clicking speed.

Finger Dexterity

Finger dexterity is also crucial for jitter-clicking because it allows players to click rapidly without sacrificing accuracy. Players with better finger dexterity can achieve higher jitter click speeds and maintain them for longer periods.

How to Measure Jitter Click Speed

Several methods can be used to measure jitter click speed, including click counter software, online jitter click tests, and physical click counters.

Click Counter Software

Click counter software is a program that counts the number of clicks a player makes while using their mouse. This software can be downloaded and installed on a player’s computer, and it will automatically count their clicks while they jitter click. It is an easy way to measure a player’s jitter click speed and track their progress over time.

Online Jitter Click Test

An online jitter click test is a website that allows players to test their clicking speed by clicking on a button as fast as they can for a specified period. The website will then calculate the number of clicks made by the player during that time and provide a CPS score. Online jitter click tests are convenient because they do not require any additional software, but they may not be as accurate as physical click counters.

Physical Click Counter

A physical click counter is a device that counts the number of clicks made by a player while jitter-clicking. It is a more accurate method of measuring jitter click speed because it does not rely on software or an internet connection. However, physical click counters can be expensive and may not be accessible to all players.

what is Good Jitter Click Speed Range?

The average jitter click speed is around 8-14 CPS, but professional gamers can achieve speeds of over 20 CPS. The Guinness World Record for the fastest jitter click speed is 16.3 clicks per second. A good jitter click speed range is relative to a player’s skill level and the game they are playing. For casual players, a speed of around 10 CPS can be considered good, while competitive players may aim for speeds of 15 CPS or higher.

How to Improve Jitter Click Speed

Improving jitter click speed requires practice and consistency. Hand and finger exercises, regular practice, and equipment upgrades can help players improve their speed and accuracy.

Hand and Finger Exercises

Exercises that improve grip strength and finger dexterity can help players improve their jitter click speed. Squeezing a stress ball or using a grip strengthener can increase grip strength, while finger tapping exercises can improve finger dexterity.

Practice and Consistency

Jitter clicking requires muscle memory, which can only be achieved through regular practice. Players should set aside time each day to practice their jitter clicking technique and strive for consistency in their clicking speed.

Equipment Upgrades

Upgrading to a gaming mouse with a high click rate can help players achieve higher jitter click speeds. A mouse with a more ergonomic grip can also improve comfort and reduce fatigue during extended jitter clicking sessions.


Is 1m jitter OK?

A jitter click speed of 1 CPS (click per second) is relatively slow compared to the average jitter click speed, which is around 8-14 CPS. While a speed of 1 CPS may be sufficient for certain tasks, such as navigating a web page or typing, it is unlikely to be adequate for most gaming purposes.

What is the fastest cps in 1 second?

The fastest CPS (click per second) achieved by a human is around 20-25 CPS, although it is important to note that such speeds are extremely rare and require years of practice and training. In most cases, even highly skilled gamers will struggle to consistently maintain speeds above 15 CPS.

Is 2ms jitter good?

In general, a jitter of 2ms is considered relatively good, especially in the context of audio or video streaming. However, it is worth noting that the ideal amount of jitter can vary depending on the specific application or context.

Is 12 cps fast?

A CPS (click per second) speed of 12 is considered a moderate clicking speed. While it is certainly faster than clicking at a rate of 1-2 CPS, it is not particularly high when compared to the average jitter click speed of around 8-14 CPS.